Chicago Fitness Photographer – Behind the Scenes shooting on location In New York – What’s in my Bag

Whats in my bag

This assignment  required me to travel to New York  and this is what  what I brought and how I packed.

In my Pelican Case 1510(fits in overheads bin on airplanes)







It carried a Canon 5D Mark 111 body with battery grip, a Sigma 50mm 2.8, a Canon 85mm 1.2, a Canon 24-70mm 2.8, a Canon 70-200mm 2.8, a Sekonic light meter for Elinchrom, El-Skyport for Canon (it lets you adjust the power of the strobes from the camera) and a color checker Passport for grey card.

In my Pelican Case 1610(must be checked so get airport approved locks)




It contained 2 Elinchrom Qudra 400 ws power pack’s with pro heads, (2) diffuser’s, (2)  2″ reflector’s, (2) 4″ reflector’s, Qudra reflector adaptor, impact rid set(includes 10′,  20,  30′, 40′ grids), Elinchrom D-lite RX 4 head with 6″ reflector.


And last but not least my Samsonite travel backpack with laptop sleeve.

A Macbook pro, tether cords, a LaCie 1TB Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive, my cubs hat from game six of the 2016 NLCS verse the Dodgers in which the Cubs won 5-0 which allowed them to advance on to and win the World Series and my two note books for lighting and location notes. Luckily for me on this one the client had access to lighting stand’s and a 6′ Elichrom octabank light shaper so I didn’t have to travel with a stand bag.


Here are a few final edits from the shoot.

We even had enough time to hit Time Square and grab a few cool environmental  captures.

All the client select edits for the Giam Spring shoot in New York can be viewed




The Short: I am commercial portrait photographer, a native Chicagoan and an avid dog lover. When not behind the camera, you can me find out creating new experiences with my fiancé Renea and our Border Collie Cooper. The Long: After working construction for nearly 10 years, I felt I needed more, so I left Chicago in 2000 to explore the West Coast. I spent a decade in the Nevada Desert and four years in the Pacific Northwest discovering a love for photography while roaming breath taking sand dunes and scaling mountain ranges. That love is now my passion. I’ve finally come back home to Chicago and my Cubs, but I carry with me experiences that have shaped me into the person and photographer that I am today. I met many wonderful and amazing people during my travels, some of whom I love to call friends and my journey has allowed me to connect with people on every level, adapt to any situation. “Your ability to thrive in any environment and any situation rests not primarily on what you do, but who you are as a person, an individual; a human being”.

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