Chicago Portrait Photographer on location with mobile studio.

This was  rebranding campion for Integrity Automotive(see the images on his website). The job was to bring a photography studio on location. Nate Bean the owner of Integrity Automotive wanted portraits of himself and his employee’s on a white seamless in order to blend into his already designed website. He also wanted me to capture his automotive shop and some of the crew at work. Here are the results..

They use Smart cars for there customer loaners


and some of the Portraits on a White Backdrop. My complete studio is mobile and ready to come to you. So if you are ready to show your clients who you really just give me a call. You wont be disappointed.
Chicago Portrait Photographer
Nate Bean Owner and Founder 
 and some of his crew

Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer
I bring my studio to you!!! so we can photograph your work environment and also capture portraits on any colored backdrop. I look forward to bringing your brand alive.




The Geneva Foundation

I love it when I get a meaningful assignment like this. This is from my photo shoot with Board of Directors of The Geneva Foundation.

Chicago Portrait Photographer
Jane Taylor Founder & Chief with Elise Huszar President
The Geneva Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports and advances innovative medical research and excellence in education within the U.S. military. With over 450 employees worldwide, we build enduring partnerships dedicated to the health and well-being of U.S. service members, their families, and the global community. Through these partnerships, Geneva connects military researchers to research and educational opportunities in a variety of therapeutic areas. We strive to work hand-in-hand with our partners to shape the future of military medicine.
 Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer
The Board at Work 
Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer Chicago Portrait Photographer
Board Members Head Shots
Chicago HeadShot Photographer Chicago HeadShot Photographer Chicago HeadShot Photographer Chicago HeadShot Photographer Chicago HeadShot Photographer It was a true delight to get the Opportunity to photograph and meet these amazing people and help spread the word on their Meaningful mission.


Doing More with less Chicago based Portrait Photographer


Upon re locating back home to Sweet Home Chicago in late June, I found myself once again thinking I needed more. More space to shoot and more gear to be creative. But with time to reflect and some well timed advise from Clay Cook. He showed us all that all you need is what you have available. As he turned his living room into his studio were he does most of his creative work. So I mounted my $400 Canon 85 1.8 lens (I opted to pass on the L version of the Canon 1.2 with a cost of $1,700) onto my 5d Mark 111 and turn my living room into my studio. The living room is part of our 2bd room loft which is aprox. 16′ X 17′ with the benefit of high ceilings.

My lighting gear is still the Dynalite 1000er studio pack that is no longer for sale but allows me to use up to 4 heads. I typically use my standard 3 light set up.

Back drop is a 4 ft Royal Blue seamless rolled paper. I often place the subject off center which allows some of the environment to creep into the shot and help establish depth in the image.
A 35′ Dynalite octa softbox to camera left and two gridded rim lights. I also always use a Genustech Eclipse fader 2-8 ND filter on my lens. With out the ND filter My camera setting would be F-3.5, 1/125, ISO 50. The ND allows my to open up to 1.8, which gives me the shallow depth that I desire. The combination of the ND filter and the fixed lens has changed the way I shoot in the studio and on location. The fix lens makes me move around and experience the effects of the lighting from different angles. This will change the look and fell of the shot completely, which can appear to be multiple different set-ups with out changing anything. The ND gives me extra control of the available and artificial lighting in the scene.  
Chicago Portrait Photographer
The Hero Shot of Guitarist Paul Whisett
and a couple of detailed shots of his favorite acoustic Martin Guitar.


Chicago Portrait Photographer


and the final selection from the shoot

Don’t put unnecessary obstacles and limitations on yourself. Trust me there will be plenty of them naturally when you are out chasing down commercial work and just remember the most important piece of equipment is your vision and creativity!!!!