Bryan is a director base out of Seattle Wa. He has been writing, directing and assistant directing in the corporate and independent film community for more than nine years. His work can be viewed @

If you have a dream, it’s never unattainable. Never forget that your dream is reachable even when it feels really far away. Always keep going and never give up!!

So this is the home you grew up in. How old were you when you moved out? 

I was a “YoYo” kid, I would move in and out of my parents home a bunch of times. I was 17-18  the first time I moved out and that was to live in the dorms on the UW campus. I ended up dropping out of school and moved back home. I then moved out to live with my girlfriend only to move back home after we broke up. I then finally moved out on my own. I started dating another girl and we moved in together and got a bigger place, when that didn’t work out  I of course moved back home LOL. The last time I moved out was when I started going to the Art Institute and l lived in student housing. But when The Art Institute  found out I had a roommate when I wasn’t supposed to they kick me out and once again I moved back home and this time I stayed home for awhile. My parents really did me a HUGE favor by allowing me to stay for a while. After all living at home wasn’t so bad. It gave me the opportunity to focus on my career. I was able to take low or non paying gigs that really helped establish my portfolio and gain experience while not having to worry about how to pay the rent or worry about were my next meal came from.

As a kid what did you dream about being when you grew up? 

I always dreamed about making films. That was always my desire. I always wanted to be a director. However there was a point in my life when being a director felt like a pipe dream. It felt really far away and sort of unattainable. But I also knew I couldn’t work a 9 to 5. I never really never had a passion for anything other then films. There came a point when I realized I needed to get my shit together, go back to school and really chase down this dream. Do everything I could do to make this a reality. So I went at it 100% and  I wasn’t going to quit! That is the attitude I needed to have in order to make this a reality.

Did your parents encourage you to be creative? 

They were very much about do what you want to do. Follow the path you want to follow and we will support you in what ever you choose. They took a very hands off approach, they never pushed us do anything we didn’t want to do, as long as we were excessing and staying healthy. I mean they didn’t let us just do nothing but they made it more about us making the choices for ourselves. Its kind of weird living a life were you are not forced to do stuff. The motivation had to come from within side myself and it made it so I really had to want it to make things a reality. In some ways I think maybe I would  have gone into directing sooner if  I was pushed early in life to finish. If I had someone say no you are not going to drop out of school, you are going to follow through with what you have started. But  on the other hand I don’t think I would have the same kind of drive or desire to do what it I am doing today. My parents allowed me to do it in my own way and on my own terms. I am truly thankful to have had the time to develop this way, it was really good for me. I was around 25 years old when things really started to clicked for me. But a lot of  my success is about my parents being supportive and allowing me to find my own way!

At this point in your life are you happy were you are at? 

I am very happy with what is going on in my life right now.  I was fortunate enough to start directing projects right out of school but I knew I wasn’t the director I wanted to be yet. So I stepped back and took a break from directing. I knew I needed to learn more so I started Assisting Directing. I gave myself 3-4 years of being an assistant director so  I can get real life experience on set. I wanted to see how things are done, see how other directors worked with their actors and their crews. I had the chance to work with some truly talented and amazing people and for that  I feel truly blessed.  I gained a ton of experience in the 4 year time period of being an AD. Then about a year and a half ago I hit a cross roads while working as AD on the set of Portlandia season 3. I knew If I kept working exclusively as an AD, I would end up joined the union as an AD and thats what everyone in the business would see me as. I feel that perception in industry is really important. If everyone thinks that you are this thing you are never going to break out of it. I released that I learned all I was going to learn over the last 4 years as an AD and I needed to get back to directing. I needed to take all this knowledge I have gained and shift it into a project. I needed to change peoples perception of me. Of who I am and what I am capable of doing. After all my dream was not to be a career AD it was to be a Director.

If there is one significant thing in your life right now you could change what would it be? 

Yes. I still AD a little and  I want to get to point in my life were I don’t have to do that anymore.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

I am really proud of The Bond. The Bond  was the project  I did when I decide to stop being an AD and get back to being a Director. I was able to raised 40K with $15,000 coming from kickstarter. I saw a fairly large scale short film from inception to completion in a calendar year. It won best narrative short @ Seattle True Independent Film Festival this year. Which is super cool. I have a lot pride in what I was able to do with the amazing team I assembled. I have short called Big Boy coming out soon. It was shot in April so it will be coming out in the next month or two. I am going to submit it to Sundance. I  just shot a music video for Seattle Raper Sadistik for the song Orange off of the Ultraviolet CD.

This is were I first worked with Brian, I shot the BS stills for the video. You can check out all of Bryan’s work @

If you could go back in time, what would be the one thing you would tell your younger self?

I can be so stubborn, so locked into one idea that it takes a lot to change my mind. The only reason I am here doing what I am doing today is that I hit rock bottom and it made me change they way I did things. I couldn’t take anyones advice, I had to learn it for myself. So Maybe not be so stubborn and always remember.
“If you have a dream, it’s never unattainable. Never forget that your dream is reachable even when it feels really far away. Always keep going and never quit!!!”

Dogs of Valhalla Rescue “Hannah”

Here is the story of Susan and her boyfriend John on how they opened their hearts and their homes to two wonderful dogs. Because of these two caring people and Valhalla Rescue Hannah and Moose will have a chance to have the happy and fulfilling lives they deserve. 

How has adopting Hannah changed or effected your life?  

We get a lot more exercise. Hannah really loves getting out and so we spend more time taking walks together as a family. This ends up being great for everyone as we get exercise and spend more quality time not thinking about work.

Funny Story or Instance with Hannah. 

We went hiking one weekend at cathedral falls and despite having been hiking with us before, Hannah seemed rather startled by every insect she saw that day. At one point she was sniffing around some leaves and a little beetle crawled out. As soon as Hannah noticed the Beetle she leapt backwards a few feet and then tried to scurry up the hill before nearly falling down a hill. All this just to avoid a beetle.

Does Hannah have special needs, what are they? 

While we were fostering Hannah, she had two spay surgeries aborted due to her heart rate dropping under anesthesia.  We decided to adopt her anyways, and have been working with specialists to see what is causing the reaction.   Preliminary results indicate she may have a heart condition called Cardio Myopathy.  She doesn’t have any obvious clinical symptoms yet, and we are just waiting on some more test results to get a definitive diagnosis and to create a management plan.
Why did you want to take on a dog with special needs? 

When adopting Hannah, we initially thought her only special need was going to be that she couldn’t be under anesthesia except for emergencies.  Having previously had a special needs dog, we felt this was a manageable condition for us.
Have you adopted a special needs dog before? 

Not intentionally, but my last dog had ended up having Wobblers and Addison’s disease.  The hardest part of having a special needs dog is dealing with the uncertainty of getting a diagnosis and implementing a successful management plan.  However, most special needs dogs only require minimal changes to their routine and you can barely tell they are different.  In addition, the relationship you have with a special needs dog is often deeper than with other dogs.  You are more in tune with each other, and they really seem to appreciate any extra care you provide them.

What is one of Hannah favorite behavior traits?

When Hannah wants something she will first come over and stare to see if you will pay attention to her. If you’re still not giving her what she wants she then places a single paw on your chest and stares into your eyes. Continuing to ignore her will result in both paws being placed on your chest and her pushing her face close into yours.

Are you glad you decide to adopt? Would you do it again? 

We are very happy that we adopted Hannah, our family wouldn’t feel complete without her.  We would like to keep fostering dogs, and would be open to adopting another one if they were the perfect fit for us.
How did Valhalla help with the adoption experience? 

Our adoption experience was pretty casual since we were already an approved foster for Valhalla.  Being able to foster Hannah before we adopted her really allowed us to get to know her before we decided to adopt.       
Would you recommend Valhalla to others? Yes, Valhalla does really wonderful work helping dogs and their community. 
Lets not forget about Moose. 

Have you fostered before? Why foster? Do you ever get to attached not want to let them go? What is the hardiest and most fulfilling thing about fostering? 

Before fostering Moose, I had only done a short-term foster where I fostered a puppy for the holidays.  My dog Dexter passed away in January, and while I wasn’t ready to get another dog, my home felt really empty. Fostering Moose really helped me with the grieving process.  Letting Moose go to his permanent home will be bittersweet, but I know that Valhalla will find him the perfect home.
What’s one of Mooses favorite traits? 

Moose is one of the funniest and joyful dogs I’ve had the pleasure of being around.  He really loves being around his people, and will follow you just about anywhere, including into the bathroom. 

Here is just an other amazing story that could only happen with help of the Amazing people. I believe Moose is still looking for his forever home. Please stop the Valhalla Rescue FB page and show your appreciation. 


  Julian is a visual artist and a student currently in the progress of attaining his Bachelors of Fine Arts. He has been constantly creating and pushing the boundaries of what we considered art since the age of 13.    His work can be viewed @ Julian Peña Studios

Take risk because  you cant grow with out taking risk, but at the same time be smart about it. In other words think before you jump but you must jump!

So this is the home you grew up in. How old were you when you moved out? 

I was in a hurry to grow up, I first moved out as soon as I gradated from high school.  I lived in Seattle for a year  that didn’t work out so I moved back in with my parents. I then started dating someone and moved out again. That also lasted a year and when that didn’t work I moved back to my parents home one more time. Lol and that was the last time I lived here.

As a kid what did you dream about being when you grew up? 

Originally it was a game & fashion designer. I actually went to school for both and it ended up they just weren’t for me so I dropped out. I do have interest in both still but you know there is math involved so time to move on. Currently I am pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts with major in painting & drawing.

What’s a memorable moment from living in your parents home?

I was a trouble maker when I was younger and I butted heads with my stepfather. I would sneak out and in efforts to catch me he installed a camera, a motion detector and flood lights. They were set to go out when I tried to sneak out (which only made my sneakier lol). He also made me get a job when I was 16 which is fine and normal.  But I look back at it and wow I worked at Dairy Queen and saved up enough cash to only buy discounted designer items and markers.

Did your parents encourage you to be creative? 

They did encourage creativity because they always supported my art habit. I have always drawn and painted, mostly drawn. It was a lot of animation as that was my inspiration at the time. However at the same time my mom would say “why don’t you go to school to be a doctor or lawyer, you know something more stable”. But wasn’t really a battle with them. They totally excepted that I am into art and that art is my life and they support me a 100%.

At this point in your life are you happy were you are at? 

I am very happy actually. I have some success with art and I am still in school. I feel I have worked hard in that area and I have a high passion for art & art education. I have particular goals, I do want to be an Art teacher some day but most importantly I want to be a relevant artist…not just any artist I want to be in art history books before I die.

If there is one significant thing in your life right now you could change what would it be? 

Not sure that I would change anything. The good and the bad that is what shaped me into the person I am today. There are something things I wish I didn’t live through but those moments made me a stronger and more resilient person. I more driven driven due to the things I have lived through.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 

Winning the best artist of South Sound Magazine two years in a row, pulling off successful art shows while still in school and most importantly still being alive!

If you could go back in time, what would be the one thing you would tell your younger self?

Don’t rush to move out & grow up, maybe enjoy the support. Take risk because I feel you cant grow in life with out taking risk. But at the same time be smart about it. I tend to jump in with both feet and that has lead to a few mistakes.

Be on the look out for Julian’s new series The Black Period a series of photographic portraits of subjects that work in the sex industry coming the winter of 2104. “Sometimes I look at the surface to see not only my reflection but what’s underneath…”